domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Hi there! Firstly, thanks so much to all my students and viewers..we have succeeded in getting more than 1,000 visits!!!!Chocolate cupcakes for everyone!!lol

Secondly, as I promised...2nd and 3rd ESO students! you can practise PAST simple and continuous using this presentation with the Simpsons in it (which I know you love)॥as always..practise makes it perfect!
Also, a bit of vocabulary on CINEMA is coming up soon...

3 comentarios:

  1. Aawww, this is very beautiful!!
    I love it!! ♥

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  2. thanks so much Henar, you`re welcome whenever you want!!!:)))xxxx

  3. stella!its normal you have such great amount of visits! your blog is lovely!!
    chocolate litle cupcakes for you too my dear friend! ;) ;)